Valentino Rossi's neighbours take legal action against his moto ranch

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la biscia valentino rossi ranch

We’ve all seen the photos and videos that Valentino Rossi has posted regarding his moto ranch dubbed the Biscia, and how much fun he and his friends having been having at his personal playground, (the Ranch will also house a museum and bar open to the public and will hold occasional open sporting events), but his neighbours aren’t so happy about having dozens of mad bikers running around the oval.

Six families that have homes near Rossi’s pride and joy, have decided to take legal action against the Rossi’s (the track is owned by his father Graziano - under the company name Test Track) as they believe that the track does not comply to the initial project, nor does it meet with the very severe enviromental impact assessment.

The regional courts last November - after a first suit tried to stop the construction - ruled against them as it was proved that the site was in order with all the permits issued by the town of Tavullia up to the Province and Region, but froze the part of the law suit regarding noise emissions, as the circuit had yet to be completed, but now they’ve also filed a suit with the Attorney General of Pesaro.

The noise emissions test was recently carried out with Valentino and Graziano Rossi and a group of 10 friend riding their bikes for almost four hours, while the ARPAM (Regional Agency for Environmental Prevention and Protection) carried out all the sound measurements from the track to the neighbours homes, with a gaggle of lawyers from both sides hanging around, including the Mayor of Tavullia, Bruno Del Moro.

Apparently the neighbours weren’t satisfied of the preliminary results (in some areas the noise was higher than allowed, while in others it was lower) as they broadly hinted that the bikes that were used for the test made less noise than they usually did, as they had DB killers (mufflers) applied to their exhaust systems to dampen the sound.

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