Special bikes: RAD 02 Imola, "La fuerza de la pasion!"

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Today we are about to introduce a very special bike built by renowned Spanish specialist Radical Ducati, a Madrid-based customizer that has gained itself worldwide fame for its work on various Ducati models such as the Streetfighter, the 1198, the 1098, the 848 and the mighty Monster, all of which had undergone some radical treatment which made them quite different from the original model. Some people can find them beautiful, some other might think they’re ugly, but all of them are certainly worthy of note.

The bike featured in this gallery and in the videoclip above is the RAD 02 Imola Step 2, a wicked motorcycle that is as naked as it gets and uses an aluminum rear subframe, carbon fiber mudguards, rims courtesy of Italian master Marchesini, carbon fiber single seat, carbon fiber tank cover and a cool exhaust system by Spark. The engine comes from a Ducati Monster 900 SS IE, while the fork got lifted from a 749S. The bodywork - quite impactful indeed - is inspired by one of the most iconic models from Borgo Panigale-based manufacturer, the Ducati 750 SS Imola, which made history when riders Paul Smart and Bruno scored a jaw-dropping one-two scored at the first ‘200 miles of Imola’ in 1972.

To cut it short, the guys from Radical Ducati (in the video we can see “Pepo” and “Wolfman” during the ‘making of’) put all those ingredients together to create what we might call a work of contemporary art. Price-wise, Rad bikes are certainly not for everyone: the cost of a lightweight frame alone (and we are talking about a piece weighing only 4.2 kg) is around 4000 €, one of those fancy aluminum tank wouldn’t cost you less than 1500 €, whereas the carbon fiber saddle is priced at about 250 €. Nothing has been revealed in terms of performance, but with a body as light as that the RAD 02 Imola should not let you down in that department either.

Radical Ducati RAD02 ImolaRadical Ducati RAD02 ImolaRadical Ducati RAD02 ImolaRadical Ducati RAD02 Imola

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