Jeremy Burgess still against one tire rule

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Jeremy Burgess

When Jeremy Burgess , legendary crew chief and mastermind behind the wins of World Champions Wayne Gardner, Mick Doohan and Valentino Rossi , decides to talk, everyone has the tendency to sit up and listen.

The quiet Australian has always been against the single tire rule saying that it would be bad for the championship and still continues to believe this. “To me its taking away the reason we go prototype racing, which is to improve bikes and technical partners and the engineering challenge which can make motorcycles better and safer in the future. It’s a disappointing decision given we are in prototype racing and we need a many technical contributors, so we can to differentiate ourselves from the World Superbike category.”

Burgess is also convinced that MotoGP spectacle will not improve now that everyone is on the same tires and that it will be even harder for top riders like Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa to defeat Valentino Rossi : “If I was a rider out there now I wouldn’t want to be on the same stuff as Valentino Rossi. That’s a tough call” He also added: “It was virtually a mono tyre several years ago without a regulation with Michelin in 500s and we saw some pretty uninteresting racing there with Mick (Doohan) clearing away and winning races. When it was Mick and Valentino in the past with everyone on the same brand, those guys did most of the winning, so nothing will change.”

Want to bet that Burgess’s word’s are based on his famous 80:20 theory? Which essentially means that in a motorcycle race, the contribution of the rider is 80% and that of the bike is 20% and if one of the items on a bike is the same for everyone, in this case the same Bridgestone rubber, then the best rider will naturally prevail.


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