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Lin Jarvis Yamaha’s Racing Director is going to have his work cut out for him this winter, his four riders in MotoGP, Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo in Yamaha FIAT and Colin Edwards and James Toseland in TECH3 are starting to clash and it’s not on a race track.

Many may recall Jorge Lorenzo’s recent plea to Valentino Rossi to pull down the wall that separates his garage from that of his teammate, stating that its not needed anymore now that they’re both on the same tires, that there are no secrets to keep and they’re a team. Rossi seems intentioned in keeping the wall up and having enough problems keeping rivals Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa at bay, probably does not want to concede any advantages to the young and very talented Spaniard, who many see as another very serious pretender to The Doctor’s crown.

Other problems are also brewing in Yamaha, with the TECH3 camp also up in arms. James Toseland and Colin Edwards have fallen out over Gary Reinders, who was Edward’s crew chief and who has now switched over to help the English rider in 2009.

“The simple fact is there was a communication problem between Guy [Coulon] and myself. There was a lack of understanding between my feedback and how it translated into the bike. I’m not criticising anybody. This is solely to get an understanding so we can work in a more productive way.”
“I’d had a couple of conversations with Colin’s crew chief over the year and he was highly praised for his work inside the team and with the Japanese,” Toseland told Motor Cycle News.
“Gary pointed out that he would like to work with me. It is not a secret that it could be Colin’s last year in 2009 and Gary also wants a longer career in MotoGP, as I do. I can’t have the inconsistency next year, because I don’t want it to be my last year, either.
“It was discussed in a way to move the team forward. I’m sure that the dust will settle, even though it is an awkward situation.”
I can’t have the inconsistency next year, because I don’t want it to be my last year, either.”

The so called dust as Toseland calls it hasn’t settled yet with the Texas Tornado out in a full force gale against the English rider:

“It is just that the code of ethics has definitely been broken,” said Edwards “I think he has crossed the line. The thought of taking my team-mate’s crew chief would never have crossed my mind, but I guess I’ve got a different code of ethics than what James has and that’s probably the part that has p***ed me off the most. I won’t lose any sleep over not talking to James.”
He’s got the best crew chief he believes he can have, so now he’s got to go out and prove it and stop blaming everything else,” Edwards said. “His only option now is to win races. He’s got no excuses; now I don’t feel any need to show any respect towards both of them, really.”

So what did Herve Poncharal Tech 3 team manager say just a week ago in an interview with

“I think both Colin and James are really happy with the change of crew chiefs. It is good to have stability but it is always good to have something new and not to fall asleep. In Valencia after the race we had a meeting with Colin, his new crew chief and the team that he will keep and then we did the same later with James and both of them seemed really fired up, really happy.

I think its going to be a long, long winter for Yamaha…

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