Kawasaki suspends MotoGP team

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In a press release from today, Kawasaki announced today that it suspended its factory MotoGP racing activities for this year.

Kawasaki said they can not recover the impact of the financial crisis and it pushed them to take this unpleasant decision. Kawasaki would like to thank all the fans and all people who have forwarded help to them.

It’s an unpleasant news to receive but we can’t denied we are not surprised by the decision of the Kawasaki factory. It was been told all around in the press and in fact we were all waiting for the official press release to be published.

The financial crisis came up and wounded Kawasaki but also the riders, like Marco Melandri, happy to race in 2009 with “the green team” after his suffering period with Ducati. But not only the riders, also the crew, the fans and MotoGP are hurt by this news.

Today we don’t expect an other team will withdraw from MotoGP but what do we learn from this? Did Kawasaki not reach the goal, the results the team or the factory expected? Or is it really the financial crisis removing the team from the start grid? And what about MotoGP in general? Even Valentino Rossi is looking at World Superbike and hoping he can race against Troy Bayliss? What about the strong teams, the upcoming BMW and Aprillia spending a budget to go for a win in the successful and exciting racing class called World Superbike? In a period Kawasaki will stop riding in MotoGP and when teams are discussing to have less races in a season.

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