Special Yabsa 750 from Totti Motori

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Nuova special di Roberto Totti

This Totti Motori effort comes from Roberto at Totti motors in Italy, a specialist parts and tuning dealership.

This creation is called the Yabsa 750 and is a special retro-future job, with parts in carbon, steel, a sports fork, and vintage structure, but with GPS navigation system. What looks like a messy mix, actually comes off well.

The engine is a touched-up Yamaha XS 650, with BSA chassis given this a kind of modern streetfighter look. No prizes for guessing where the company is based… Bologna! For more information and futher pics of Roberto’s creations, go to the Totti Motori site.

Nuova special di Roberto Totti Nuova special di Roberto Totti Nuova special di Roberto Totti

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