Would you call this a Motorcycle?

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34-year-old twin brothers Dmitry and Timophey Ryabikiny from the Russian city of Yeisk have created Aqua Star an original underwater motorcycle.

The underwater motorcycle allows going underwater without any special equipment: the body of a motorcycle rider stays in water and the head – in a kind of helmet serving as a diving-bell and is equipped with an air supplying system. The electronic motors of the motorcycle let it move in all directions underwater.

The motorcycle has two motors instead of one; the second motor lets the rider regulate the motorcycle’s position underwater by simply pressing and holding a button, and also lets the motorcycle hang at any point and turn around on the spot. The motorcycle can freely be used at a depth of up to 12 metres and ride with 7km/h speed.

The Russian Aqua Star uses even glass for the helmet instead of spherical glass that distorts the diver’s visibility and makes the eyes get tired and also has an airflow system to prevent glass steam up.

Their newest design will be a two-seat motorcycle.

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