Playboy to sponsor LCR Honda?

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Italians like to gossip and the media likes to exaggerate and sometimes they come up with pure bull, so take this piece of so called news that’s on Italian website Motocorse as something just fun to read.

It seems that owner and manager of LCR Honda, Lucio Cecchinello has pulled out the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, because it looks like that he’s found a brand new sponsor that will soon grace Randy DePuniet’s Honda’s livery and is known in the whole world: Playboy!

It’s not official and everyone involved is hiding behind the usual no comment, but Cecchinello was seen at the La Vecchia Firenze restaurant in Montecarlo together with Hugh Hefner, right before Hefner’s guest appearance at Italian Song Festival in San Remo last February. The Italian manager was also got invited to the exclusive party held by Playmedia Company and Playboy’s Italian editor at the Victory Morgana Bay restaurant.

According to Cecchinello who talked to gpone, the gossip is true!

Here’s what the manager had to say:

“We’re still in negotiations and one of the problems is that we may not have the permission to use the sponsor in Qatar. We’ve contacted the Italian Embassy and we’re talking directly to nephew of the Sultan Altani. At the moment the sponsorship would be until May. The branches involved are the Spanish and Italian ones. Dorna has been informed and are working with us. The possibility of closing the deal? Let’s say 70%.”

Source | motocorse and gpone

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