Bridgestone apologises to Dani Pedrosa

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Bridgestone race tyre manager Tohru Ubukata has issued an official apology to Dani Pedrosa and Repsol for the condition of his front tire and has also promised to carry out a full investigation to find out why the tire was missing pieces at the the end of the Motegi GP.

“We did see some problems with Dani Pedrosa’s medium compound front Bridgestone tyre after the race,” admitted Bridgestone race tyre manager Tohru Ubukata.

“All the other tyres that were used during the weekend, and this season, performed well so we can say this is a problem isolated to just this one tyre, but of course we have already taken the tyre to our technical centre in Tokyo where we are investigating the problem in detail.

“I would like to apologise to Dani and the Repsol Honda team, but we saw that despite the problem the front Bridgestone continued to perform until the end of the race and I am happy that Dani finished a great ride in third position.”

After seeing this pic of Pedrosa’s front tire, I hope that a couple of Italian MotoGP commentators also apologise to Pedrosa for saying that the Spanish rider backed down after Rossi’s overtaking moves because he’s not that good at overtaking. Hats off for
Pedrosa for finishing third with this kind of problem.

Check out the video to see the battle for second place between Pedrosa and Rossi after the jump.

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