Max Biaggi Hits Out After Penalty

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Max Biaggi was extremely angry and upset when finishing third in Race 1 he received a penalty for cutting the Roggia chicane on the seventh lap. When the Italian went to podium, the loudspeakers announced that Biaggi had received a 20 second penalty and the Monza race direction was awarding third place to Kiyonari and that the Roman Emperor was being relegated to 11th place.

Here’s what the Italian rider had to say after Race 1:

“This Championship is managed by amateurs! It’s disgusting the way they treated us! First, the cutting of the chicane was almost insignificant and I didn’t even gain a tenth of a second and second, when I asked for the FIM representative, Claude Denis for an explanation he told me that he didn’t have time to discuss this with me. I’m tired of this conduct, I’m calling it quits with SBK.”

Aprilia was able to convince Biaggi to take part in Race 2, where he finished 5th.

After Race 2 Biaggi was much calmer and added:

“I’m very angry, I respect the person who made this decision, but I believe that the penalty was excessive. I could understand if in that point I’d have gained something, but checking the times you can see that I was half a second slower. Last year in that same place, Smrz went straight and knocked me down breaking my little finger and the fifth metacarpus of my left hand and no disciplinary measures were taken. I didn’t want to take part in Race 2, but being pratical, I decided to race and forget the controversy. Race 2 wasn’t going bad and my times were good and I was closing in the on the group, but I made a mistake and lost ground.”

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