JiR's Gianluca Monitron upset with Eric Granado's decision to leave

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Eric Granado’s decision to leave JiR Racing’s Moto2 team to contest in Moto3 with Aspar Racing - he just completed a three day test at Almeria with the team - has left team owner Gianluca Montiron upset and now having to search for a replacement rider to field next to Mike di Meglio next season on the second MotoBi machine.

The Italian manager speaking with Italian website infomotogp.com said, “I was advised by Granado that he wanted to rescind his three-year contract with us with a registered letter. It was a unilateral decision and I’m sorry because we had set-up an important project with him. Currently the only person harmed by his decision has been me. During the Moto2 season Eric completely destroyed three bikes, but it didn’t matter because we had a long term committment with him, but now things have changed and will have to discuss the situation in the appropriate place.”

Montiron also added, “Regarding the upcoming season for now we’ll have Di Meglio whom I think is a very good rider, but we haven’t found a replacement for Granado. Unless I see an alternative I won’t find someome just to fill the spot. I’d like a talented young rider to see grow, my attention is on new riders from Southeast Asia, so we’ll see.”

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