MV Agusta's Giovanni Castiglioni backs Rovelli's riders choice

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Last month we posted MV Agusta ParkingGO’s Giuliano Rovelli scathing attack on Luca Scassa who was in line for the Supersport ride, but the Italian manager decided to field Roberto Rolfo and Christian Iddon and pass over Scassa for the reasons he said in the interview.

Scassa obviously felt slandered by his former team manager/friend’s saccusations since he still has to find a ride for the 2013 season (because he doesn’t have the funds to pay to ride) and responded with a long letter to, where he tried to explain his side of the story point by point: from how the negotiations went, including that he did expect to ride for the team after Rovelli had gone on Italy’s Studio Sport to say that he would be their official rider in 2013, what actually happened at the Sic Supermoto Day and the real reasons why he’s changed five teams in five years, but also posing the question why Rovelli has changed four manufacturers in four years (Triumph, Yamaha, Aprilia, MV Agusta) why every member of his squad has left and more.

So what is MV Agusta’s stand in all this virtual back biting? Deep down they are probably embarrassed that their return to racing has been marred by this pre-season controversy, but the Italian marque as Rovelli said, and Scassa confirmed has no say on riders choice as ParkinGO is not a factory team, however the President and CEO of the company, Giovani Castiglioni was asked his opinion on the matter.

What do you think of Rovelli vs Scassa quarrel?
Luca Scassa is a good rider and also a friend. After the success with our marque in 2008 I would have liked to see him on a MV Agusta, however it wasn’t possibile.

Did Rovelli make a mistake?
No, if he made this decision he certainly must have pondered it. Giuliano is a professional and has our unconditional support.

What do you think of the two new riders?
The same as Rovelli: one is fast and the other is a great development rider.

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