Vintage: 1916 Indian outside Carriker and Crowl motorcycle shop

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1916 Indian Carriker and Crowl vintage motorcycles

Have a look at this fantastic vintage motorcycle pic of Carriker and Crowl Motorcycles shop back in 1916. The photographer has taken a guess at the motorcycle types, saying they’re an Indian Powerplus Model F. He says:

The three motorcycles in the photo are definitely Indians. My guess is that they are the 1916 Indian Powerplus Model F. (Note the springs hanging down under the seats.) These motorcycles would have been painted dark red. 1916 was the first year the Powerplus was made. It had a 61-cubic-inch (998 cc) flat-head, side-valve, v-twin engine. They had three-speed, hand-shifted transmissions with foot-operated clutches (suicide clutch) and were chain driven. (Most motorcycles were belt-driven then.) They had acetylene lighting. (I’m not sure when electric lighting became an option. The headlight housings don’t look like other acetylene housings I’ve seen.) Production ran for 9 years.

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Source | Caveman 92223 on Flickr

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