Motorcycle taxis: just don't call them that

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motorcycle taxi

Airbike in Dublin, Ireland, has been around since last year as the city’s first motorcycle taxi service, in an increasing trend around the world as commuters find fast transport options. The only thing being, that you can’t call them a taxi as it’s not included in the definition of “small public service vehicles”.

Whatever the case, you can get around Dublin with an Arai helmet and a sexy REV’IT! protective suit, as Airbike has both a city centre and airport service. They use Yamaha FJR 1300A motorcycles fitted with a rear passenger seat back rest, and can carry small luggage items, such as what would fit as aircraft hand baggage.

If you’re interested in knowing more, visit Airbike’s site and their FAQ section: it’s very interesting and includes tips on female passengers wearing skirts, what happens if it rains and how clean the equipment is!

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