Olympic gold medallist turned political candidate berates Valentino Rossi

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Valentina Vezzali is a six-time gold medallist in fencing - she won a gold and a bronze in the 2012 summer Olympics - has decided to be a politician and is a candidate for the chamber of deputies with the Monti List (Mario Monti ran the technocrat government these last 18 months and is now running for office) for the upcoming Italian general election.

Apparently the new political candidate did not appreciate Valentino Rossi’s view on voting, when he was asked his opinion on the elections during his recent interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport where he said, “I returned to Italy in 2007 but I didn’t vote last time. It looks to me like a negative situation and I might not even vote this time as I don’t have faith in any of them. We’re not doing well and it’s useless voting for one or the other. The system needs changing.”

“I’m sorry that Valentino Rossi has said he’ll not vote” commented Vezzali. “It’s a common thought among young people. The right to vote was obtained by our fathers and grandfathers and has to continue. I believe that anti-politics isn’t the tool to give confidence to the country. Valentino should vote the person that better represents his ideas and values, but he should vote. For a sports personality who is symbol for young people not voting means raising a white flag, or pulling out before the start of a race.”

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