Have Colin Edwards and James Toseland Kissed and Made Up?

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James Toseland

Yamaha Tech 3 rider James Toseland must really be a decent sort of fellow and must have a very forgiving nature considering what teammate Colin Edwards has said about him in these last eight months.

Edwards, played the crewchief exchange and Toseland’s so called treachery to the hilt with the media and never lost a chance in taking pot shots at the English rider, even demanding and getting Yamaha to put up a wall between the two garages.

During a Q&A interview with Autosport.com, the Englishman talking about his upcoming home race at Donington Park was also asked about how he is now getting on with the Texas Tornado.

Q. How is the relationship between you and Colin now?

I’m pleased everybody is asking about this because it was taken out of context so much in the winter time. We’re fine again, the dust has settled and Colin has realised what the situation really was. The problem was that the situation was at the last race of last year, where we changed engineers. The press said I’d pinched him and it looked like an old friend had gone behind your back, it really upset Colin and he flew off the handle. There’s no quarter with Colin, whatever he thinks he says.

We obviously didn’t see each other through the winter after the last race and by the time that had gone, he’d said things that I wasn’t happy about and he thought I’d done something which kind of put a wall up between us. It was really disappointing because there was no reason for me and him to fall out. Now all the dust has settled on it, he’s realised what the situation was and we’re completely fine again. There’s no way I’d have done what the press said I’d done to Colin, it wouldn’t have happened.

Toseland’s place in Yamaha Tech 3 next year, besides certain public reassurances by Lin Jarvis and Masao Furusawa is shakey, and several rider names have come up to take his place in the team, the very latest being Randy DePuniet who’s having one of his better season’s in MotoGP, and whose nationality seems to have become very appealing to French team manager Hervè Poncharal.

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