Buy a motorcycle get a free gun (w/video)

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Supermarket 2 for 1 offers are the norm, but it isn’t something you see in the motorcycle business, when you usually have to grovel to get something added to your latest purchase, so after the the pizza shop owner in Virginia Beach that is giving a 15 percent discount to anyone who comes into the shop with a gun or concealed handgun permit, Ron Pownall of a Pinellas Powersports in Florida is running a special two-for-one offer at his store - buy a bike, get a gift card to purchase a handgun from Shoot Straight or Walmart.

“We think the timing is awesome,” said Pownell. “We like to have the conversation about this because we feel like we’re losing our rights, and we want to stick up for that.”

Pownell obviously is a big supporter of the Second Amendment and so have over 100 callers who’ve asked about the offer so far, and this despite the tragedy that recently occured at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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