Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez exchange compliments over riding styles

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That Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez are fans of one another is a pretty well known fact, with the Italian often comparing the new MotoGP rookie to himself when he was younger and during the final day of testing at Sepang the two riders chased after each other for a few laps, and while it wasn’t a real duel - hopefully we’ll be seeing a few of them this season - the two riders learned even more about each other.

Marquez told the press that he even if he rode behind Rossi for only three laps he learned at lot from the veteran MotoGP champion, “I was quite happy for that although in the beginning it was a little bit strange. He was in front and then I was in front and it was quite good because I saw one rider with a lot of experience and I learned many things in only three laps behind him. In some corners I don’t have the right line or in some corners I ride more complicated. He did it a bit easier and faster in some parts and my line was more on the limit but slower. I learn many things.”

Rossi also talked about the encounter, that saw the two exit the pitlane together and Marquez wait for Rossi to lead the way before exchanging places, “It was very funny from behind watching him. I enjoy a lot because his riding style is very spectacular, f**k, he rides very hard. I like his riding a lot. I said to him yesterday that this year we can fight and we can enjoy. He rides very similar to Stoner. He is very spectacular and the bike moves and he slides and he always touches his elbow on the tarmac. He is very good and is already so fast. He is particular because he has a strange riding style, maybe something new. Jorge and I ride in a more classic style but Marquez is something different.”

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