Rossi doesn't pay his bills: financial controversy as Rossi owes four million to accountants

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Rossi with helmet

The Italians love Valentino Rossi but it’s never clear whether they love him because of his tax evasion or despite it (a complex issue in Italian societ, believe me). In another Rossi money controversy, his accountancy firm is apparently a bit peeved that he allegedly hasn’t paid them for their services.

The accountancy firm Cesaroni-Cappellini is reportedly very “bitter” about the fact that they have outstanding invoices despite having saved Rossi more than 170 million euros on earning and taxes.

Apparently the bills to be paid amount to about four million euros which, considering what the man earns, is a couple of months pay. Whether true or not, a reply from Valentino Rossi is to be expected at some stage.

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