Audi Motorrad: here is the first concept on two wheels from the German carmaker

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Audi Motorrad

Apparently, Audi’s involvement in motorcycling is not going to stop after the much-hyped takeover of Italian legendary brand Ducati. The luxury brand of the Volkswahen Group has just introduced “Audi Motorrad“, a new concept on two wheels created by French designers Thibault and Marc Devauze, with the collaboration of Clement Couvreur who oversaw the construction of the clay model.

The bike comes with pretty futuristic lines and a sleek figure that make it look like a perfect crossbred between a ‘naked’ and a sportsbike, with low handlebars, covered forks, sharp tail and a pretty sophisticated swingarm. The front view is characterized by the two tapered LED headlights and the front damper that can be spotted right in between them. The alloy wheels instead use a design that its pretty reminiscent of the current Ducati production.

The fairings are graced by Audi’s distinctive four-ring logo and seem to conceal an electric engine (please note the absence of an exhaust system). The “Audi Ultra” decal instead indicates that this machine is made of the most advanced alloys that the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer uses for its cars. Does this mean Audi is about to launch its own range of motorcycles? We don’t think so - we would rather foresee the next step of this project coming out with a Ducati logo on it - but you never know. Only time will tell..

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