MotoGP - John Hopkins to FB Corse?

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FB Corse

John Hopkins in his health update video said that he’s looking for another ride next year as Stiggy Racing is having financial problems and he may just get the opportunity to return to the MotoGP Championship with a brand new bike and team.

The FB Corse who is breaking into the series in 2010, has contacted the American and would like him to be the sole rider for this new and exciting team. Andrea Ferrari, one of men behind the project, stated : “We’re aiming for John Hopkins and we want only him, so he can develop the bike just like he wants.”

FB Corse continues to follow it’s dream to debut in MotoGP and have obtained from Dorna, an exemption from testing restrictions, so they can test this winter at the Vallelunga track at the begining of November, as the bike has yet to tested on track. The bike is built by Oral Engineering Group with Forghieri and Antoniazzi.

The team with their sponsor, will be officially presented the 12th of November in Milan.

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