82 -Year -Old Ted Fenwick Wins at TT

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ted fenwick

Don’t think that because someone is elderly that his passion for racing recedes like hairlines, because you to have to meet a very spry 82-year-old, that goes by the name of Ted Fenwick, who took victory in the Pre-TT Classic for lightweight bikes on the 4.25 mile Billown Circuit at the Isle of Man.

The grandfather of three, who has been racing since 1952 has competed at the IOM since 1987, and this year beat much younger rivals with his 1964 250cc Ducati, which he first rode 28 years ago, and is prepared by friend and mechanic Geoff Shaw that let Fenwick travel at an average race speed of 69.279 mph.

Fenwick said: “I just enjoy riding the bike and I enjoy competing, because I get a real thrill from the speed of it. A lot of the people I race against are much younger and probably more fearless, but it doesn’t really matter, although when I started racing I never thought I would still be doing it now.”

“I’ve been in hospital with things like a fractured pelvis and I broke my neck, arm and back in 1968, but I haven’t had a serious injury since 1972 and I’ll keep racing as long as I keep getting up in the morning.”

Chapeaux Mr. Fenwick!

Source | bbc.com Photo via flickr.com

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