Jorge Lorenzo and Mark Webber catch up on Twitter

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Lorenzo Silverstone Yamaha box

In a world of old and jaded journalists, it’s not easy to impress with a media strategy in the MotoGP. But that’s exactly what Jorge Lorenzo does and it’s not even a ‘media strategy’ but his own socialising on Twitter and Facebook that has many old hacks eyes open. After Lorenzo’s win on Sunday at the Silverstone MotoGP, one journalist heard him on the phone to Mark Webber, who had called to congratulate.

It seems Webber has an affinity with the Fiat Yamaha team, having also called Valentino Rossi to commiserate and offer advice after Rossi’s crash and injury. Lorenzo was overheard saying to Webber “see you on Twitter”. We’ve got our biggest sports stars chatting away with new technology, making things more interesting and accessible than television and print journos would have it.

Lorenzo’s frequent and well known use of Twitter also puts him in contrast with his absent teammate, Valentino Rossi, who enjoys his clever gags and contact with fans on a more traditional basis. We know that Rossi is loved by fans and media alike, but in return he’s not so keen on journalists themselves.

Lorenzo is also more reserved publicly but his use of Twitter makes it so easy for the Yamaha communications team to promote the rider and run their communication campaigns. It also gives Lorenzo the edge in terms of being a young rider who uses social media as part of his overall profile as sports celebrity. It puts him at the forefront of the new era of riders where the PR guy doesn’t have all the control over your contact with your fans.

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