Casey Stoner Tells it Like it is on MotoGP

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stoner If you’re one of the million fans who has been criticizing the ridiculous lack of bikes on the MotoGP grid, rest assured that Casey Stoner has also taken the question to heart.

In a post race Assen interview with the Ducati rider slammed the grid numbers as being “pathetic and a joke” and even if Dorna is talking about 22 bikes, that isn’t enough and that teams like Suzuki who have the money should be forced to put an extra 2 on the grid and called for each manufacturer to put more year-old bikes on the grid. (Which isn’t a novelty - Valentino Rossi has been saying the same thing for the past two years)

Never to shy away from controversy, the Australian also stated that “here are people this year who shouldn’t be there and some people who should be there but aren’t. The satellite riders complain so much about the bikes they’ve got these days - their bikes are basically factory. Freaking three or four per cent off a factory bike and they’ll whinge, complain and whine. It’s just tiring.”

Stoner also hit out Yamaha’s decision to field test rider Wataru Yoshikawa in place of Valentino Rossi calling the decision as
“atrocious” adding that: “They’re putting in people that haven’t raced in… I don’t know how long. Why have they done it?

May we add that Stoner may have forgotten the existence of the rookie rule, and riders like Cal Crutchlow turned down the ride, and that there aren’t many free riders around that have experience on a 800cc MotoGP bike.

You can read both interviews here and here.

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