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Former World Champion Wayne Gardner likes to keep in touch with the MotoGP racing scene and does it on his website Wayne Gardner Approved writing up his thoughts and opinions on the races.

The Wollongong Whiz after the Assen race, joining in with the general fan consensus that the race was dull, if not downright boring, does it by first writing about the Assen circuit.

Assen, which was once known as the University of motorcycle racing (the older riders now call it high school) before all the track modifications calling it a “pale, soulless version of its former self” going on to say that the less than 100,000 crowd ( a little more that 97,000 were the numbers given) that turned out at the weekend, pales in comparison to the 200,000 spectators that used to turn out during his times.

Gardner then went on about the 15 rider grid size stating that “two of those were ridden by over-the-hill test riders that no one could care less about watching” It was only one rider, but at the Barcellona GP, Yamaha’s test rider Wataru Yoshikawa will be joining the field and this weekend we’ll be seeing, if the cameras catch them, a red hot duel between test riders.

The Aussie champion also slammed the 800cc formula saying: “What a disaster. The 800cc formula itself is also delivering the most boring races of all the GP classes. Thanks to Dorna’s disastrous regulation changes over the past few years, MotoGP bikes have become harder to ride and too expensive for manufacturers and teams to develop and run.” Unfortunately Dorna has little say to the regulation changes; they mostly come from the MSMA and IRTA and the 990’s to the 800’s was solely their idea, as was the engine rule and the rookie rule.

We suggest you read the rest of Gardner’s opinions, including the fact that he thinks that current batch of MotoGP riders don’t seem to be as tough as riders were in his era.

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