Warboy 883 XWL: Harley Davidson Sportster goes vintage combat

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Warboy 883 XWL

This ‘Warboy 883 XWL’ looks like an original Harley Davidson WL model, but is actually a modern 883 Sportster with WL bodywork. In fact, it’s not easy to see which bike it is under all that paraphernalia, but it certainly has an authentic, vintage look about it. The work done to create this bike includes a 12 volt electrical system, modern lights and brakes, eletronic ignition and, of course, the V-Twin HD engine.

The bike was built by ‘Francis’ (aka Milwaukee Belle) who is a fan of the old 45 models. This has been built as a usable bike with all the old-school style. Cruising along on one of these should certainly turn heads. You can see more from Francis at MilwaukeeBelle.Skyrock.com and after the jump are a couple of videos of the bike in action.

Warboy 883 XWL Warboy 883 XWL Warboy 883 XWL Warboy 883 XWL

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