Casey Stoner reveals that he still has wrist problems

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We knew that Casey Stoner had been dogged by arm pump problems at the Silverstone and AssenGP’s and that he had undergone acupuncture to help him through the pain and that his team had change the handlebar position and brake lever position alleviate the pressure on his riding position.

After free practice at Catalunya, Stoner had said: “For me the arms felt perfect and the first 15 and 20 minutes I started feeling – not arm pump – but something. By the end I felt nothing so hopefully with the position we found something” now the Australian has revealed that his riconstructed wrist has been the problem all along.

In an interview with the excellent the Ducati rider stated, “Basically, I don’t have the mobility in my wrist after the bone graft, [The bone graft has] has completely locked my wrist in a lot of areas, and I can’t get the same movement that I can on the other one for the inside of the corner.” and that “my shoulder really hurts during the end of every session. After every race, my left shoulder is just destroyed.”

To help him feel more comfortable and help him win the last three out of four races, Ducati has changed his seating position, moving him back and making him stretch out further.

The Aussie underwent bone graft surgery at the end of 2008 to repair once again his left scaphoid (initially fractured in 2003) that re-opened at Misano, while he was adjusting his back protector.


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