'Thursday Afternoon Live' with Nicky Hayden

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Don’t let Nicky Hayden’s Kentucky drawl fool you or how hard he works, because besides being very down to earth, he’s also very witty and the famous “N. HYPOCRITE” sticker back in 2008 proved it, and now he looks like he gunning to outdo Colin Edwards and his famous quips.

During Thursday’s pre-event press conference at Valencia, Hayden stole the thunder and had the journos and riders laughing, after they asked him what he thought about being team mates again with Rossi.

“The last time we were team-mates I took him under my wing a little bit. I was coming from America with a lot of experience, so I think I helped him a lot and kinda showed him the way. I was really open. I didn’t mind sharing my information with him, so I hope to do the same this time, I helped him with everything - a lot with his race craft. See, that’s what he really needing some tweaking on!”

“I taught him how to deal with the fans too. Really I think I’m responsible for a lot. I take a lot of pride in that.”

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