Robbie Maddison does the world's first indoor drop-in (w/video)

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The video footage isn’t that great, but the feat is awesome as Robbie Maddison’s stunts always are. The Australian has gotten another first, by doing the world’s first indoor drop-in on a motorcycle, during the Crusty Demon’s Thirst 4 Destruction Tour finale at Acer Arena that took place Saturday evening in Sydney.

Riding his Yamaha YZ250F off a platform suspended over 70 feet (21 metres) above the floor of Acer Arena successfully landed his bike on a specially built landing ramp, after his practice session went wrong and the daredevil missed the tilted section and landed heavily.

If you think that this type of jump looks easy, compared to what he usually does, check out what the 29-year old Maddo, who has broken 30 odd bones, ruptured his scrotum, broken his neck and almost died from viral meningitis and encephalitis when he was young, said about the jump.

“It’s tough to ride off the edge and make the bike go into a front dive. You want to keep the wheels under you, and not go face-forwards, but if you land in the right spot, the best technique is to be pointing towards the ground and it’s smoother. But your gut instinct takes you off and you’re trying to lift the wheels up and that’s what I did on the first jump and it was really dangerous. It’s a tough jump, getting the angles right is the key and once I get them right I just need to ride off the edge really slowly… There (are) calculations to work this out but I haven’t been bothered to figure it out, I just kind of roll the dice and go with it. I’m just a dare devil.”

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