Dani Pedrosa more popular than Jorge Lorenzo in Spain

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Try as he might, MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo just doesn’t cut it with Spanish consumers, as well as the much more shy Dani Pedrosa does.

According to a recent consumer study by Personality Media, who indicates to advertising companies which celebrity personality has more pushing power to sell products to the brainwashed masses, Dani Pedrosa gets top scores followed by Valentino Rossi and then Jorge Lorenzo.

90% of Joe Spanish Public knows Rossi, 88% recognizes Dani Pedrosa and after Jorge Lorenzo got the crown last year and with his copy cat post race antics, throwing himself in the Jerez pond really garnered world wide attention, the reigning World Champion recognition rate jumped a big 11%, from 73% to 84%, but apparently winning a World title and using the social networks doesn’t always make you hot stuff.

Lorenzo bombed out in the “modern,” “reliable,” and “role model” categories, falling behind Rossi and Pedrosa, with the 9 times world champion leading in the modern, Pedrosa taking the lead in the reliable and role model categories, even Marc Marquez, who is only known to half the Spanish public, rates higher than Lorenzo and the same as Pedrosa.

Source | vroom-magazine.com

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