Marco Melandri: "They treated us like idiots" (w/video)

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Yamaha’s Marco Melandri lashed out at the Race Direction after Race 2 at Nurburgring, the Italian finished 6th in the treacherous race had this to say to LA7’s commentator, which we’ve translated for you and Melandri does not mince his words.

It was scandalous, you can’t risk the safety of the riders on track this way, we’ve could have been killed. They treated us like idiots, they were criminals. When it stopped raining they red flagged the race, only because 75% of the race was completed and by then the track was becoming pretty good and the critical moment was over. It’s not right, ruining the races like this. Shit, when Eugene [Laverty] and I started to complain … and I think others also complained… it should have been stopped and then re-started, we knew that it wouldn’t have rained that hard all day. It was stupid.
Unfortunately the riders have no decisional power, it’s not fair. Everyone did it [raised their arms], like I said we’re part of the game, we don’t count. Unfortunately a lot of riders fell and I hope no one was injured. Like I said it’s scandalous and not right.

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