Valentino Rossi laughs off Casey Stoner's criticisms

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This video interview with Valentino Rossi posted by website for Italian TV show Griglia di Partenza was filmed during the recent Ducati Wrooom event and no doubt will take the media rivalry between Rossi and Casey Stoner to another level of dissing in 2012, especially if Rossi should be competitive with the GP12.

Even if this interview is prior to Stoner’s interview with Motosprint, where he said that the Italian belittled his and Honda’s efforts, Rossi laughingly throws off any criticism from Stoner and continues to play his usual head games.

The interviewer Giovanni Zamagni tells Rossi that he received some criticism from several of his rivals, and asks if he was expecting it or not -especially from Stoner - and how he judges it.

“Yes, I’m happy, in the sense that when someone is in difficulty and another rider wins, like in Stoner’s case, you can see his true nature. In every interview he never stops talking about me, in a negative manner. Pratically he says that he has to set the record straight because, I think it was at Misano that I said that he wasn’t pushing enough. The reason he’s so ‘mean’ to me, is that he still hasn’t gotten over getting beat at Laguna Seca in 2008 and he needed two years to get over that … because he thought he could win five consecutive races, like I did instead I stopped his plans and now that he’s winning, he never loses the occasion to ‘murder’ me. I’m sorry for him as he should look forward, because he’s winning, he’s number one in the world, he’s moving up, he has to get over it. I’m sorry for him,” commented Rossi.

Let’s get those handbags out of the closet and poised.

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