World Superbike boss wants to bring back the Imola 200

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When World Superbike boss Paolo Flammini said he wanted to introduce a new racing format and make races longer by adding pit stops and tire changes, the idea was received mixed reactions from fans, with “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” being the most popular refrain.

However, Flammini is marching ahead with his idea and according to Italian website GPone, his proposal is to bring back the iconic Imola 200 race and has already floated the idea to the teams during a meeting held at the Imola circuit yesterday, which seems to have been met with some interest.

The Imola 200 was Francesco “Checco” Costa (Dr. Claudio Costa’s father) brainchild to make Imola the “Daytona of Europe’ and now more than 30 years later and after the recent revival editions, the return of the Imola 200 could actually make the World Superbike calendar in the very near future.

After the jump check out who won the Imola 200 in the past:

1972 Paul Smart (Ducati 750)
1973 Jarno Saarinen (Yamaha TZ 350)
1974 Giacomo Agostini (Yamaha TZ 700)
1975 Johnny Cecotto (Yamaha TZ 750)
1976 Steve Baker (Yamaha TZ 750)
1977 Kenny Roberts (Yamaha 750)
1978 Johnny Cecotto (Yamaha TZ 750)
1979 Not raced: the Italian round of the 750cc class went to Mugello, while Imola was assigned the GP of Nations.
1980 Johnny Cecotto (Yamaha TZ 750); the 750cc World Championship was eliminated and replaced with the 500GP
1981 Marco Lucchinelli (Suzuki 500)
1982 Graeme Crosby (Yamaha 500)
1983 Kenny Roberts (Yamaha 500)
1984 Kenny Roberts (Yamaha 500); who had retired the year before. Roberts raced that year the Daytona 200, the Imola 200 and the 8 Hours of Suzuka; winning both the 200 mile races
1986 Marco Lucchinelli (Ducati TT1) and it was raced at Misano.

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