Jeremy Burgess unhappy with 1000s and Dorna

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jeremy burgess and valentino rossi

Sometimes you wonder if the GP Commission ever remembers why they proposed certain rule changes in the past.
Take the reason why MotoGP racing switched from 1000cc to the 800cc displacement in the first place - one of which was that they were afraid of the top speeds riders could reach - which the riders compensating for with faster entry and corner exits on the 800s and now six years laters and even more prototype development they’ve moved exactly back to the same situation and according to Jeremy Burgess this sucks.

Actually the legendary crew chief didn’t say it sucks, but he did say it is a folly. In an exclusive interview with Adelaide Advertiser Burgess said, “These (1000cc) are car engines now that we are putting into a motorcycle. On the fastest circuits, a rider slip-streaming another with just a breath of a tail wind will top 360km/h.”

Top speeds have also been worrying Jorge Lorenzo - who has been called a pussy by racing fans for putting this thought forward during the pre-season, but the former World Champion knows that on tracks like Mugello these speeds can be reached - Dani Pedrosa on his Honda at Mugello in 2009 hit the top speed of 349.3km/h (217.1mph).

Burgess is no longer impressed by the 1000s and thinks that MotoGP should be limited to 600cc prototype racing machines something he’s often mentioned in the past and while worrying about the future of MotoGP racing, he also took a dig at Dorna, “The people getting MotoGP on television shouldn’t be running the rule book.”

Maybe the Australian crew chief doesn’t think that MotoGP’s Corrado Cecchinelli who Dorna entrusted to help draft the rules isn’t doing his technical advisory job very well.

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