Downfall video parody: Hitler on Valentino Rossi's qualifying in Qatar

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The Downfall scene where Hitler is in a furious tirade has been used over and over again in parodies in dozens of situations and Valentino Rossi’s qualifying in Qatar has been targeted after his performance in qualifying in Qatar.

For those of you who don’t understand Italian we’ve translated the subtitles because it’s ironic and funny, and for those of you who are trending # SupportVale46 on Twitter please don’t take offense.

Hitler’s General Headquarters after MotoGP’s Qatar qualifying session - first round of the 2012 season

We’ve positioned all the gazebos in strategic points to sell all the gadgets and as per your orderswe’ve put all the caps and T-shirts with #46 on display that we haven’t sold so far.

Very good. After Valentino’s pole in Qatar they’ll finally be sold out.

Mein Fuhrer … the pole … The pole went to Lorenzo and Valentino is 12th and 2 seconds adrift and the last of the MotoGPs.

Those who didn’t buy the cover for the Monster’s gas tank with #46 will leave. We gave him €15 million. Fifteen million that we could have invested in research and development … instead you told me to invest on the guy with ‘the half a second in his wrist’, ‘the Mister, I ride around problems’, he’s bringing Burgess you told me, the best crew chief in the world. We’ve produced so many types of MotoGPs that we can’t even count them and we can’t even make the scale models because there are so many of them.

But we have Hayden in 5th and Barbera in 8th …

Hayden and Barbera don’t sell!

But they are still Ducati’s ..

That means you don’t understand how things work. It’s Valentino who has to sell! We’ve invested a lot of money on gadgets with number 46 that we have to sell. I don’t understand, we gave him everything … we even allowed him to put that ugly yellow next to that beautiful Ducati red … we even hired Uccio! And if that wasn’t enough he had us make an aluminum chassis. We’ve become a laughing stock … because we sent away a rider like Stoner. It’s all my fault. Mine … because I listened to you when you told me that he was a rider with diarrhea and that he was finished. And to think that we are forced to sell our new sports bike… the Ducati 1199 Panigale with tecnology from MotoGP. The only thing we can do is make a scooter!

Take it easy, a scooter won’t make anyone a member of the Ducati owner’s club.

The scooter isn’t a bad idea, we could sign up for the Polini Trophy and sell the gadgets that we have in our warehouses or make a special children’s line. So we’ve decided. We are going to make it with a steel trellis frame and Desmo distribution and equip it with an old air cooled 620 that doesn’t cost us anything. Start working.

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