Dr. Costa believes Valentino Rossi just needs time

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valentino rossi qatar race 2012

While Clinica Mobile is now being run by Dr. Michele Machiagodena who is employed directly by Dorna and they've added three specialists from the Dexeus Clinic in Barcelona, the famed Dr.Claudio Costa who founded it and has been not only a doctor but a friend to riders for the last three decades has decided to talk about Valentino Rossi's problems in his own personal way.

The two had a small falling out on how to treat Rossi's injuries following the MX training crash and his leg fracture that hampered his 2010 season and part of 2011, but Costa's esteem for the former World Champion is still high.

Dr. Costa was a guest of Faenza's Tele1 to record an episode of Speed ​​which will air tomorrow night at 11pm and naturally the conversation turned to Valentino Rossi and his 10th place in Qatar, and with his usual liberal use of metaphors, allegories and philosophical and poetic ramblings, the good doctor tried to explain the situation.

"For Valentino it's like going to the movies where the show has already begun without him. He's in a dark room and can't see anything. He doesn't know where to go and feels frightened. A terrible feeling, which only lasts a few seconds, the time to get used to the darkness and the contours of the room become more clearer. As soon as you understand where to put your feet you recover consciousness and head purposefully towards the empty seat. Rossi needs to see the light and should not be afraid of this moment in the dark. "

Dr. Costa also wanted to erase any doubts from fans minds that think Valentino hasn't gotten over his Mugello injury, "For a rider, scars heal faster in the brain than on the flesh. Rossi will come out of his black hole, he just needs time, but he'll return to the podium to make his dream come true. "

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