DragonTT: CBR 600 Shogun and Yamaha R6 Atila 599R

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Spain’s DragonTT - the company responsible for the look of the Ducati ‘Vendetta‘ - has introduced his latest creations at the recent 2012 MotoMadrid: two kits for CBR 600 and Yamaha R6 dubbed ‘Shogun’ and ‘Atila 599R’.

The ‘Shogun‘ is for the Honda CBR 600 RR models produced in 2005 and 2006 and provides the bike with decidedly more ‘muscular’ aesthetics. Even though all the various parts of the fairing - including the tank cover - have been re-designed, the bike remains pretty recognizable as the original headlights have been left untouched (although they now sport a quite unusual ‘eyebrow’). The indicators are now integrated in the side fairings and the tail maintains the saddle for the passenger, although its new shape doesn’t seem to go in the direction of an increased comfort.

The ‘Atila 599R’ kit is aimed at the Yamaha R6 models produced between 2006 and 2012 and changes the look of the bike in a pretty radical way. The sharp front-end of the original version is replaced by a smaller front fairing part that surely loses something in terms of aerodynamics. This bit uses four separated head lights surrounding the classic R6’s central air intake, and is also linked to the tank in its upper side. The tail becomes bigger, with an unusual ’slide’ shape, while the rear wheel gets a flashy mudguard. DragonTT offers the ‘Atila 599R’ kit at 1123€ + VAT and the ‘Shogun’ kit at 892€ + VAT.

View the full DragonTT - CBR600RR ‘Shogun’ and Yamaha R6 ‘Atila 599R’ photo gallery

CBR600RR 'Shogun'CBR600RR 'Shogun' Yamaha R6 'Atila 599R'Yamaha R6 'Atila 599R'DragonTT - CBR600RR 'Shogun' e Yamaha R6 'Atila 599R'DragonTT - CBR600RR 'Shogun' e Yamaha R6 'Atila 599R'DragonTT - CBR600RR 'Shogun' e Yamaha R6 'Atila 599R'DragonTT - CBR600RR 'Shogun' e Yamaha R6 'Atila 599R'

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