Brno Circuit’s new record: 1,349 motorbikes on the same track

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Record a Brno: 1349 moto in pista

In an event organized to commemorate the late Marco Simoncelli, the Brno circuit set a new record for the number of bikes lapping on the same track at the same time. There were no less than 1,349 motorcycles on the track on Sunday, which is more than 21 times the maximum capacity of the famous track in the Cech Republic.

The participating bikers formed a column of motorcycles that was almost as long as the 5,403 meters of the whole track. The parade was made of all sorts of bikes (sportsbikes, scooters, mopeds, classic bikes and so forth) and led by MotoGP rider Karel Abraham, who said that in the second lap he could actually see the very end of the motorcade in front of him.

“I think the outcome is amazing - commented Abraham - This was one of the first opportunities for bikers to get together after winter. The Brno Circuit is one of the best venues for such purposes.” Karel Abraham’s fan club was in charge of counting the participants: each one of them was given a special sticker with the logo of the Brno Circuit, and the exact number of bikers was determined based on the actual number of stickers issued. “We hope that many of them will keep it attached the whole season” said Ivana Ulmanová, Executive Director of the Brno Circuit.

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Record a Brno: 1349 moto in pistaRecord a Brno: 1349 moto in pistaRecord a Brno: 1349 moto in pistaRecord a Brno: 1349 moto in pista

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