Important week for the future of Ducati says Andrea Bonomi

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With rumors that VW/Audi will be formalizing their agreement with Investindustrial tomorrow (April 18th) to buy Ducati Motor Holding, the president of the private equity firm Andrea Bonomi, has acknowledged that the exclusive negotiation period for VW has expired, but reading not so between the lines, the deal seems sealed.

“This will be an important week for the future of Ducati,” said Bonomi during a convention held yesterday in Milan. “We are hoping that the future of the company will have industrial partner that will help them grow and there are many industrial groups who are interested in Ducati, but Volkswagen has shown in the past to have the technology, the money and long range vision.”

He also added that Investindustrial may keep a small portion of the company, “We wouldn’t mind taking part in the next growing phase of the company,” however “keeping total control of Ducati is out of the question” and “would be a big mistake” as Ducati needs to be globalized and only an industrial partner can make that happen.

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