Special bikes: Guzzi Ambassador by Ritmo Sereno

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Guzzi Ritmo Sereno

Ritmo Sereno is a pretty well known name in the Japanese custom scene, and its latest output is this fantastic rendition of the Moto Guzzi Ambassador. This bike is actually a follow-up to another special Guzzi racer they had put out a couple of years ago, but this new one is definitely more racer-looking than its predecessor, having lost basically all of its frills. And it does look the part.

The most dramatic change affected the rear section, which has been completely re-designed in order to make it as light as possible. The original sub-frame and mudguard are gone, replaced by an AMP Design frame with a saddle courtesy of Razzle-Dazzle. The tank was lifted from a Guzzi bike and then cut to make it sleeker.

The front fairing and lights have been replaced by a number plate which also makes for the protection of the digital instrumentation, while two cone-shaped black mufflers have appeared at the sides of the rear wheel. Its captivating paint-job has been applied by specialist Crown Stupid (yeah, you read that right). All the companies that contributed to this outstanding machine have also ’signed’ its tail, adding up to the exclusivity of this bike. Excellent job.

Guzzi Ritmo SerenoGuzzi Ritmo SerenoGuzzi Ritmo SerenoGuzzi Ritmo Sereno

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