World's Longest Motorbike

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What do you do if you yearn to be famous and want to break records and are a sort of prankster? You do exactly what the young fellow in the video did, you build the world’s longest motorbike and then you ride it.

Colin Furze broke the world record by riding this homemade 14 meter machine to smash the previously held record of riding a 9.6 m bike. In order to qualify, Colin had to ride the bike 100 meters which he did on a runway at Saltby Airfield in Lincolnshire, he also doing a short stint of riding with no hands.

Furze is not new to breaking records, which includes building the biggest bonfire, so he wanted to try something new:
“I had a look through the motorbike world records and all the speed ones seemed far too expensive to try to break, so I thought we go for this - a nice big long one. It’s been a lot of fun.
“It’s taken a lot of building. You start doing something at one end and then you want to do something at the other end and of course your tools are 14 metres away - so you’re contantly walking up and down the garden.”

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