Yamaha not keeping the door shut on a Valentino Rossi comeback?

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Jorge Lorenzo launched the first and very tenuous lifeline to solve Valentino Rossi’s predicament of where he’ll be ending up in 2013, by saying he wasn’t against a return to Yamaha of his former team mate, “I wouldn’t mind at all. I work for Yamaha, and if there was another fast rider on the machine (what the hell is Ben Spies then, ground meat?) , we could improve our overall chances of success.”

Lorenzo knows exactly what the media wants to hear these days with a very important silly season just starting to gather steam, however Yamaha’s Lin Jarvis in an interview with Mela Chércoles on AS.es seems to be slightly softening his former position that Rossi is not an option.

Jarvis had Rossi in Yamaha for seven years and talking about Rossi’s disastrous results so far said, “It’s hard for me to say what is happening, but I’ve got the feeling that he has lost confidence in the bike. Valentino is an extraordinary rider and knows how to improve and develop a motorcycle and is a perfectionist up to the smallest detail, but if you are unhappy with something you can not perform at your best.”

During the Qatar weekend there was a wild rumor that Rossi would be leaving Ducati to rejoin Yamaha, in his own satellite team with Coca Cola footing the bill (who seems to be in interested in buying Monster Energy).

To continue like this is not good for him or for Ducati, or for the sport. I haven’t thought about him for next season. We have two riders on factory equipment and two satellites bike. Tech3 has a two bikes for next year, so you can see it is a difficult situation,” said Jarvis. “A return would be an interesting possibility? Especially for the press, I’m not closing the door, but it isn’t a very realistic situation. What matters is that Valentino fulfills his contract with Ducati. The season is very long and there is still time to make an informed decision. ”

Yamaha has struggled to find a title sponsor these last two years and Rossi despite being way off his game is still a sponsor and crowd magnet, so if you were Jarvis, would you want the attention grabbing Italian with his tail between his legs, a deflated ego and with a lot less demands back in your line-up?

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