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BMW Pedelec electric bike

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BMW has been developing motorised scooters and electric bicycles as part of its sponsorship of the 2012 London Olympics. The little electric two-wheeler is called the BMW Pedelec and has a powered top speed of 18 mph, which can be increased by pedalling. It’s a fold-up model much like a traditional pushed scooter so that it can be easily carried on transport.

While BMW has been developing its Concept C as a large, touring electric scooter, the Pedelec will actually go into production. BMW marketing boss, Ian Robertson says:

“We see this as a growing market, and as well as having 200 in use at the Games, we will take them to market.”

Source | Autocar

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BMW Concept C video

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The BMW E-Scooter concept has become the BMW Concept C (or vice versa, or not at all?) and apparently it could be ready for a production model launch by autumn. We suggest that after seeing last year’s EICMA concept, we could actually see the production version at the 2011 EICMA this November. In any case, it looks as though BMW is at an advanced stage of the project and the only things left to reveal are the style and technical specs.

The BMW Concept C is an electric commuting scooter and we’re assuming BMW has been working on the range (and removing associated anxiety), of the model. HFL suggests we will see two models - both the electric version and a petrol-powered one designed to unseat the Yamaha TMAX as the industry’s favourite maxi-scooter.

In this video from BMW Mag, we can clearly hear the electric motor and we’re guessing BMW will create quite the luxury maxi-scooter. It claims that it has a range of 100 km and is a maxi-scooter in terms of its weight, size and power. We liked the quirky style of the Mini Scooter E, but are keen to see what BMW can produce with an electric maxi-scooter, which could become a very relevant entrant in this sector.

BMW E-Scooter BMW E-Scooter BMW E-Scooter BMW E-ScooterBMW Concept C maxi-scooter official pics BMW Concept C maxi-scooter official pics BMW Concept C maxi-scooter official pics BMW Concept C maxi-scooter official pics

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BMW E-Scooter Concept

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BMW E-Scooter

The new BMW E-Scooter Concept has been revealed at the BMW Innovation Day as the company takes its next urban motoring vehicle electric. The BMW Motorrad electric scooter has been designed as a commuter scooter and not just a city run-about. BMW has therefore been working on providing a more powerful scooter with improved range and recharge times. Another focus for the BMW E-Scooter Concept is also a comfortable ride for surburban commuting, rather than zippy electric agility for inner-city traffic negotiations.

The E-Scooter currently has a daily range of 100 km and a recharge time from flat to full of three hours. The recharge can be completed from a standard household socket, and this provides a possible option if owners want to recharge in office block carparks as no dedicated power station is required.

The scooter uses an innovative frame concept, removing the main frame and substituting it with the aluminium battery casing. Other components such as the rear frame and single swing arm are mounted on the casing as well. Other technical features include a motor mounted directly behind the battery casing which has no direct drive or planetary gearbox. The secondary drive uses a toothed belt and a roller chain transfers power to the rear wheel.

BMW E-Scooter BMW E-Scooter BMW E-Scooter BMW E-Scooter

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