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Officine Rossopuro turns Moto Guzzi Stelvio into "Motard One"

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Motard One_Officine RossoPuro

We have never seen a customized Moto Guzzi Stelvio before, but Mr. Filippo Barbacane and the other people at Officine Rossopuro went a little further than that, transfroming the massive adventure tourer from the Italian manufacturer into this aggressive supermoto bike, renamed ‘Motard One‘. If we didn’t know, we surely wouldn’t have guessed it.

The Motard One is powered by the famous ‘Big Bore’, a 90° V-twin engine with two valves per cylinder whose displacement was brought up to 1420cc by Italian factory Millepercento. The engine now weights only 62kg, produces 140 hp and uses a new radiator and a new exhaust system hand-made by Officine Rossopuro’s main man Filippo Barbacane himself.

The bike braking system was upgraded using selected Brembo’s components, the fork is a brilliant 50mm Marzocchi, rims comes from Marchesini and on the rear it boasts Extreme Tech racing suspension. The whole rear end has been heavily modified and now featrues a small tail with beautiful hand-made finishing. Although it is hard to detect Stelvio’s somatic traits in the Motard One, we are sure that if such a model would be featured in Moto Guzzi’s official catalogue, many people would seriously consider buying one.

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Motard One_Officine RossoPuroMotard One_Officine RossoPuroMotard One_Officine RossoPuroMotard One_Officine RossoPuro

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