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Alstare Batta's denies manufacturer switch

published by Toni M.

kawasaki zx10-r Just fifteen days ago we reported that Francis Batta had put in a request to become the official Kawasaki team in 2012. Now the Belgium team manager has denied that he wants to make the switch to a much more supportive manufacturer and has even issued an official statement on the matter, announcing that he’d rather his team to sit out the 2012 championship than betray his long standing relationship with Suzuki.

Francis Batta and Alstare have been involved with Suzuki for the best part of thirteen years and this tremendous relationship has given the everybody an immense amount of satisfaction. The strong relationship was forged right from the very beginning and has grown throughout the years and is one that Francis values very highly. Francis has been a loyal supporter of Suzuki and it is for this reason that he would like to continue with them alone in the future. If Suzuki decide not to take part in the World Superbike Championship next year, Francis will also stop rather than continue with another manufacturer.

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